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Ms Pipe

Mild steel pipes or MS pipes are used for the purpose of plumbing, firefighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning. These pipes are perfectly suitable in several industries and various engineering applications.


These pipes are manufactured using low carbon (less than0.25%) steel and that is the reason why they do not harden and are hassle-free and easy to use. MS pipes can also be welded to various shapes and sizes for the purpose of pipelining and tubing.



These pipes are usually coated with metals, paints, varnish etc. to prevent it from rusting under extreme condition and make them long-lasting and durable.


Here are some of the salient Features of MS Pipes –



·They feature high tensile strength and are extremely sturdy

·Contains a low percentage of carbon

·It can be easily welded

·Easy to fabricate and readily available

·Best quality MS pipes ensure around 100 years of lifespan


MS pipes are widely used for structural and mechanical purposes, general engineering, domestic applications, water steel pipes, fencing, etc.

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